Amonkhet Sealed League

May 2, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Amonkhet Sealed League

The week you sign up ($15 entry), you’ll receive three booster packs from which to build a 30-card deck (minimum). You’re welcome to use any number of basic lands in your deck too.

Each week after the first ($2 entry), you’re welcome to buy an additional booster pack of Amonkhet and add it to your card pool. (If you start after the first week, you may catch up with one booster per missed week.) 

Weekly meetup: Tuesdays, 6:30 PM

Participants are required to attend the weekly meetup to receive prize packs, receive weekly match slips, return the previous week’s results, and add any packs to their card pool. This also presents players with an opportunity to be paired off with other league participants for a few matches. However, this isn’t necessary because players are welcome to meet up for league games at any point during the week, even between rounds of Friday Night Magic.

Participants play single-game matches in which each player gets one free mulligan. Players can agree to a best-of-three match, but otherwise do not receive credit for multiple games against the same opponent during a single week.

If a player loses three or more matches in a week, they may purchase two booster packs and add them to their card pool the following week instead of one.

Each week, the top one-third of players (rounded up) with the most match wins that week each receive a booster pack of Amonkhet! (This prize pack is not to be added to players’ decks.)

This is a casual event and players are encouraged to help each other and ask the judge for deck-construction advice.

The fifth meetup will be the final meetup for the Amonkhet Sealed League, the wrap party! Entry is free to league participants. The winner of the league will be announced and rewarded for their accomplishment.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy refreshments and continuing to play games with league decks is, of course, encouraged.

The winner of the league is determined by the average of match win percentages for each week they played at least three opponents.