Mega Friday Night Magic – Amonkhet

April 28, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – April 29, 2017 @ 12:00 am
Parker Howard
Mega Friday Night Magic - Amonkhet

Mega FNM is back at Games & Stuff for the launch of the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Amonkhet! If you’ve participated in a Mega FNM in the past, you’re going to recognize that this is very different.

  • Free-to-enter raffles for all event participants
    • Prizes include a booster box of Amonkhet, From the Vault: Twenty, and more!
  • A 4-round Standard event
  • A 4-round Modern event
  • Two 3-round Amonkhet drafts
  • Fire-on-demand Commander/EDH, both casual and competitive prize structures
  • Commander/EDH workshops with Nate Hopkins, in-store EDH guru, and Don Miner, creator of
  • Special presentations on deck-building with EDHREC from Don Miner

Door Prizes!

Everyone who signs up for at least one paid event immediately gets a random promotional card and entry into a raffle. Throughout the night, we’ll be giving away a booster box of Amonkhet, From the Vault: Twenty, and more!

Standard and Modern

We’re still hosting Standard and Modern events starting at 6:30, but the stakes are higher! Both events are $20 and four rounds.  Prizes are based on record after the final round.

4-0-0: 24 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
3-0-1: 18 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
3-1-0: 12 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
2-0-2: 6 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
2-1-1: 6 Booster Packs of Amonkhet

Amonkhet Drafts

We’ll be firing Amonkhet booster drafts at 7:00 and 8:30. Each is $15, three rounds, and will have prizes based on record.

3-0-0: 4 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
2-0-1: 3 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
2-1-0: 2 Booster Packs of Amonkhet
1-0-2: 1 Booster Pack of Amonkhet
1-1-1: 1 Booster Pack of Amonkhet

Fire-on-Demand Commander/EDH

To minimize downtime between games and give players the opportunity to participate in other events, we’ll be firing multiplayer Commander games as players sign up. Games are four players, whenever possible. Players can choose between casual and competitive when they sign up, the differences being the prize structure and their opponents. Entry is $5. Each event is a single game without a time limit.

The winner of a competitive game wins booster packs of Amonkhet equal to the number of the players in their game, usually four.

The winner of a casual game receives a single pack of Amonkhet. After a casual game, each player casts a secret vote for a player other than themselves that they think “best embodied the spirit of Commander”. Players are awarded a booster pack of Amonkhet for each vote they receive.

Deck-Building with EDHREC

Don Miner, long-time Commander player and creator of, will be personally presenting the tools available to players who use EDHREC to build their decks. Get answers to your questions about one of the best deck-building resources available to Commander players. You can also catch Don between presentations for a game of Commander.

Commander Workshops

Nate Hopkins, in-store Commander guru, and Don Miner, creator of, will be hosting free-to-enter games of Commander, during and after which they’ll lend their expertise to players. Learn what changes you might want to consider for your deck, regardless of your budget. Signing up for one of these games is free and space will be limited.

EDHREC Presentation

Throughout the night, Don Miner will be personally presenting some of the tools available to users of This is free to sit in on.