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Two Thousand Seventeen.
This year marks Games and Stuff’s 17th Birthday.
It’s also the start of a new chapter for G&S as Paul takes over ownership of the store. Come party with us as we celebrate all the hard work Paul, Ed and the rest of the G&S staff have done to get us here. And of course revel in the fellowship of the wonderful community of gamers that has made us the best gaming store in the Mid-Atlantic.

We’re pulling out the stops.
We’ll have cupcakes.
Keep reading to learn about our special guests and events:


Kenneth Hite is an award-winning god among roleplaying game writers and designers. Among his many titles are Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, and Bubblegumshoe. He was also the mind behind GURPS Horror (a favorite around these parts) and his most recent offering is the outstanding line of Dracula Dossier books for Night’s Black Agents.
He is also the host (along with Robin Laws) of the popular weekly podcast, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.

Ken will be here hanging out most of the day, and he’ll be hosting an open forum “Gamemastering Tips” Q&A for GM’s novice and experienced alike. This kicks off at Noon.
We’ll also have plenty of Ken’s current books in stock, and if you ask nicely, he may even sign them for you.


Special Guest: Jeremy Vetock

Games Workshop Writer / Game Designer.

Jeremy has been with Games Workshop for close to 3 decades and has written numerous Army Books, Codexes, and more! His latest release, the Kharadron Overlord Battletome has just released.

And at 1pm:
Age of Sigmar: The Skies of Darkness

The Kharadron Overlords have come upon a large cache of aether-gold and while harvesting it discovered something dark has made its lair in the area. Can they defeat the forces of Chaos and make away with the aether-gold? Join the author of the Kharadron Overlords Battletome Jeremy Vetock for a game!

Special Guest: Joe Neet

Mantic Games US Sales Manager.

Joe has been in the Games Industry for many years and has worked at Games Workshop and now Mantic Entertainment. An avid painter and gamer, come out and find out what’s new from Mantic!


Starting at 12pm (noon):
The Walking Dead: Mall of Mayhem

The survivors have converged on the remnants of a mall to scavenge for supplies. Unfortunately others have the same plans. And what about all those trapped shoppers when the zombie apocalypse began… Mantic representative Joe Neet will be on hand to help run this fast, frantic game!


Special Guest: Joe McGuire

Author/Creator, This Is Not A Test.

Joe is a local author and creator of the successful TNT rules system that has been doing great here at G&S! Come and discuss his upcoming plans and check out this awesome rules set.


At 2pm:
This is Not a Test: Welcome to the Aftermath

The end of the world has come and gone. What’s left in the aftermath of the end is a new world of roving bands of mutants and worse to hassle the survivors of end. Do you have what it takes to make it in this new world? Join author Joe McGuire for a game!


May 6th will be the release day for our brand new Games and Stuff T-shirts. These will be available for sale starting at 10am.

Not only that, but with every purchase of $50 or more, you’ll be getting a gift from us! Hobbit style!
Wait, did I say a gift? I meant three gifts. Yup, if you spend $50 or more, you’ll get three separate gifts from us, with a combined value of $50! Woo! (while supplies last)

One more thing.
We’ll be giving away a Small World Designer’s Edition.
Yes, that thing that typically goes for $2,500 or more on the secondary market. We’re gonna give one away.
In fact, we haven’t even figured out how yet. More details to come.

So. Lots going on.
We sincerely hope that you will join us for a Celebration of Games and Stuff’s roots, and its future. This place belongs to all of us.
So say we all.


  • 12 NOON : Ken Hite hosts a Gamemastering Tips Q&A
  • 12 NOON: The Walking Dead miniatures game “Mall of Mayhem” with Joe Neet from Mantic Games
  • 1 PM: Age of Sigmar “Skies of Darkness” with Jeremy Vetock from Games Workshop
  • 2 PM: This is Not a Test “Welcome to the Aftermath” with Joe McGuire, creator of TNT
  • cupcakes all day! (or until George eats them all)
  • brand new Games and Stuff T-Shirts available for purchase
  • every $50 purchase gets THREE free gifts (While supplies last. One offer per customer please)
  • We’re gonna give away a Small World Designer’s Edition (somehow)
  • UPDATE (5/4/17): Passport Game Studios has generously stepped up to the plate to sponsor this event with even more game giveaways!

Come celebrate with us!

A New Beginning for Games and Stuff

A New Beginning for Games and Stuff
(Same As It Ever Was)

Glen Burnie, MD, April 21 2017-

Since January of 2000, Games and Stuff has been a fixture of central Maryland’s gaming landscape. In recent years, most especially since our move to our current location in March of 2013, we have grown to become one of the preeminent game stores of the Mid-Atlantic, and indeed, the country. So it is with great pride that we announce the next chapter in our story.

Ed Sloman, founder of Games and Stuff, is selling the business to Paul Alexander Butler, long-time store manager and Director of Retail Operations.

In practice, this will mean very little to our customers. Paul has been responsible for the majority of store operations for some time now, and he and Ed have jointly been the driving force behind the store’s culture and community since Paul took over full time in 2010.

“But what about Ed?” you say. “We’ll miss him!”

In fact, we are pleased to say that Ed will be staying on with the business, and you’ll probably see him more than ever as he steps into the new role of Collectible Games Department Manager. He’ll be overseeing Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Star Wars Destiny, Heroclix, and many more games moving forward.

Here’s Ed:
“Seventeen years. That’s how long I’ve owned Games and Stuff. There are customers that have been with me that entire time, and children of those customers grew up in our community and are now regulars in their own right. From the start, this community is what I set out to build, and my endeavor has been successful by every possible metric — G&S’s friendly and inclusive gaming community is one of the best in the world. Even though I am moving on from store ownership, a large part of the reason I am continuing to be involved with G&S is because I personally value the community we’ve built together, and I want to further contribute to its health and growth.

That said, I have been doing this for seventeen years. I wish to focus on other areas of my life that I have found the stresses of business ownership make it difficult to do. I would not be moving on if I were not handing the reins to Paul — we share a vision of what G&S is and what it could be, and G&S will continue to grow, innovate, and entertain in his hands. I am excited to see what Paul accomplishes in the future, and even more excited be a part of it.”

Paul for his part, had this to say:
“I will forever be grateful to Ed for having the faith to hire me on as Store Manager in 2010, giving me stewardship of the store and community that he had built. From day one I acted as if I owned the place, and he never begrudged me that! I took a lot of personal pride in the store very early on and I am absolutely in love with what we have built at Games and Stuff. Ed gave me the freedom to craft the store the way I wanted to, and we wouldn’t be here today without his trust in me. So it is with great pleasure that can now say that I am the owner of Games and Stuff and I look forward to many great things to come.”

Please join us all in congratulating both Paul and Ed in this new endeavor.

So with all of that being said, some of you may have noticed that we didn’t have our annual Games and Stuff Birthday event this spring, and that’s because we were holding off for this announcement. But now we’ve got something special planned.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the GAMES AND STUFF CELEBRATION happening on Saturday May 6th, including an in-store appearance by Special Guest and roleplaying game Rock Star Ken Hite!

This will truly be a store-wide celebration, and we hope that you’ll join us.



Join us at Games and Stuff for International Tabletop Day 2017! The entire Game Room will be dedicated to board games, so bring your friends and spend the day pushing meeples, flipping cards and rolling dice.
This year promises to be bigger than ever, as we’re being sponsored by seven of your favorite board game publishers!

The Game Room will be stuffed with board games and board gamers all day long, plus we’ll be doing raffles every hour, and there’s a wide selection of special events, tournaments, and demos to keep you entertained!

Guest of Honor: Andy Looney!
First of all we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Andy Looney, creator of Fluxx, Pyramid Arcade and so much more! Andy will be here from noon to 6pm, playing Pyramid Arcade and showing off some as-yet-unpublished Fluxx prototypes!



$5 Board Game Tournaments!
We’ll be hosting three tournaments over the course of the day, all for only five bucks each. Every event will feature exclusive promos, exciting prizes, and maybe some special surprises! At Games and Stuff we value fun above all, so while we play to win, it’s mostly about fun!
In fact, the Mysterium and Fuse tournaments are co-operative!

11am: Mysterium tournament
2pm:  Fuse tournament
4pm: 7 Wonders Duel



Board Game Demos:
Throughout the day, we’ll be featuring all sorts of board game demos, of old favorites, modern classics and new stuff you may not have seen yet!
Our Special Featured Demo will be run by our friends Melissa and Bruce from NORTH STAR GAMES, who will be teaching Evolution starting at 11am. They might even bring along the new blue edition of Happy Salmon. Twelve-player Happy Salmon anyone?

We will also be getting some games of Blood Rage, Castle Panic, Masmorra Dungeons of Arcadia, and many other new favorites to the table. We also expect to have an early copy of Dice Forge from Asmodee and Libellud to check out!


Raffles Every Hour until 6pm:
We’ll be giving away piles of stuff, thanks to our wonderful partners at Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games, Renegade Games, CMON, Fireside Games, North Star Games and Iello! Plus some goodies we’ve thrown in ourselves to sweeten the deal.
We’ll be giving away almost $3,000 worth of games, promos and expansions throughout the day.  New stuff every hour on the hour. You must be present to win.

Game Trade Media:
Our friends from Game Trade Media will be here live-streaming our event throughout the day!

Sure the weather is getting nice, but you have all summer to work on that tan. Don’t miss out on all the fun and free stuff!



HONSHU now available!

HonshuBoxIntlNow available at Games and Stuff!
Honshu! This hit game from last year at Essen is coming to the U.S. market later this year from Renegade Games. But we’ve got it now!
Thanks to our friends at Renegade, we’ve had a special shipment of the international version of Honshu arrive at our store.

This beautiful little card game is a fun and unique mix of trick-taking, tile-laying and city-building. For 2-5 players, and playable in about 30 minutes, Honshu is simple to learn but has surprising depth of play. Manipulating your turn order and paying close attention to your opponents’ goals are the key to victory.

Honshu is on the demo tables and now on sale at Games and Stuff!


COLT EXPRESS League coming on Tuesday nights in February!

ColtExpressBoxBoard Game League play returns to Games and Stuff!

Starting Tuesday February 7th at 6pm and every consecutive Tuesday throughout the month, we’ll be hosting a COLT EXPRESS Epic Heist League!

Here’s how it works. Every week, you’ll play two games against 2-5 fellow outlaws. For each game you play, you’ll receive “Prestige Points” based on your final standings. First place gets 6 points, second place gets 4, third gets 3, fourth gets 2, and fifth gets 1.

There’s a $5 entry fee each week, and every week we’ll be giving away a copy of the game! Every participant will also receive a special set of cursed loot tokens to add to their game.


At the end of four weeks, the overall winner will receive a special Colt Express deluxe playmat, and a 3D cardboard train station.
Second place finish will receive a train station.

Depending on overall turnout, we’ll also be awarding gift cards to top finishers.

UPDATE! Thanks to our friends at Asmodee Digital, each week we’ll be giving away a code for a free download of the Colt Express app!

NO EXPERIENCE is necessary! We’ll teach everyone how to play!

So get your 6-shooters loaded and ready for action! Yee haw!


Join us for an all day long celebration of table top board gaming! This year we are pleased to have Passport Games, Czech Games, and USAopoly as sponsoring partners! The fun starts right at 10am!

Paul will be serving as Master of Ceremonies as he hangs out in the Game Room all day. There will be giveaways, piles of promo items, door prizes and more! We’ll be featuring game demos from our partners such as Warehouse 51, Codenames, and Nefarious.
You are of course invited to bring your games from home or play anything in our extensive board game library!

We’ll also be hosting a Small World tournament at 12 noon. Ten dollars gets you in, and we’ve got a bunch of prizes available including metal turn markers and a limited edition Small World Amazon statue.

And did we mention giveaways?
We’re not kidding. There will be all kinds of goodies given away throughout the day to people participating in the open gaming in the back! We can’t wait to see you!


Pre-Orders for The One Ring! RPG Vanguard Update!

Hey One Ring fans!
We currently have not one, but two open pre-order programs for forthcoming titles.


First up is Journeys And Maps, a beautiful set of double-sided maps to use in your games. Including both player maps and Loremaster versions, the Journeys and Maps set includes maps for territories that The One Ring has yet to explore, including not only Wilderland, Eriador and Rohan, but Gondor and Mordor too! Also included is a 32 page supplement detailing sea travel, the ruins of Middle-Earth, and expanded examples for travel hazards. As is the custom with all Cubicle 7 pre-orders, we can provide you with a PDF copy of the supplement upon payment of your pre-order, some weeks before hardcopy release!

HorseLordsOfRohanWe are also still accepting pre-orders for Horse-Lords of Rohan, for The One Ring. Rules for combat on horseback, plus details about Isengard and Fangorn! Your $39.99 in-store pre-order will entitle you to an immediate email containing the complete PDF of the book as you await your hardcopy!



We’ve also got open pre-orders for these exciting titles:

TravellerWe’re also beginning to hear a bit of buzz about the new edition of the classic TRAVELLER game. The game is expected to release around April. $49.99





CallOfCthulhu7COVERFinally, we’re all still patiently awaiting the release of CALL OF CTHULHU 7th edition. Upon release, one lucky customer’s pre-order will be upgraded : they may select a copy of either Racepoint Publishing’s The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft or The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft by Leslie Klinger to take home with their new rulebook.