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HONSHU now available!

HonshuBoxIntlNow available at Games and Stuff!
Honshu! This hit game from last year at Essen is coming to the U.S. market later this year from Renegade Games. But we’ve got it now!
Thanks to our friends at Renegade, we’ve had a special shipment of the international version of Honshu arrive at our store.

This beautiful little card game is a fun and unique mix of trick-taking, tile-laying and city-building. For 2-5 players, and playable in about 30 minutes, Honshu is simple to learn but has surprising depth of play. Manipulating your turn order and paying close attention to your opponents’ goals are the key to victory.

Honshu is on the demo tables and now on sale at Games and Stuff!


COLT EXPRESS League coming on Tuesday nights in February!

ColtExpressBoxBoard Game League play returns to Games and Stuff!

Starting Tuesday February 7th at 6pm and every consecutive Tuesday throughout the month, we’ll be hosting a COLT EXPRESS Epic Heist League!

Here’s how it works. Every week, you’ll play two games against 2-5 fellow outlaws. For each game you play, you’ll receive “Prestige Points” based on your final standings. First place gets 6 points, second place gets 4, third gets 3, fourth gets 2, and fifth gets 1.

There’s a $5 entry fee each week, and every week we’ll be giving away a copy of the game! Every participant will also receive a special set of cursed loot tokens to add to their game.


At the end of four weeks, the overall winner will receive a special Colt Express deluxe playmat, and a 3D cardboard train station.
Second place finish will receive a train station.

Depending on overall turnout, we’ll also be awarding gift cards to top finishers.

UPDATE! Thanks to our friends at Asmodee Digital, each week we’ll be giving away a code for a free download of the Colt Express app!

NO EXPERIENCE is necessary! We’ll teach everyone how to play!

So get your 6-shooters loaded and ready for action! Yee haw!


Join us for an all day long celebration of table top board gaming! This year we are pleased to have Passport Games, Czech Games, and USAopoly as sponsoring partners! The fun starts right at 10am!

Paul will be serving as Master of Ceremonies as he hangs out in the Game Room all day. There will be giveaways, piles of promo items, door prizes and more! We’ll be featuring game demos from our partners such as Warehouse 51, Codenames, and Nefarious.
You are of course invited to bring your games from home or play anything in our extensive board game library!

We’ll also be hosting a Small World tournament at 12 noon. Ten dollars gets you in, and we’ve got a bunch of prizes available including metal turn markers and a limited edition Small World Amazon statue.

And did we mention giveaways?
We’re not kidding. There will be all kinds of goodies given away throughout the day to people participating in the open gaming in the back! We can’t wait to see you!


Pre-Orders for The One Ring! RPG Vanguard Update!

Hey One Ring fans!
We currently have not one, but two open pre-order programs for forthcoming titles.


First up is Journeys And Maps, a beautiful set of double-sided maps to use in your games. Including both player maps and Loremaster versions, the Journeys and Maps set includes maps for territories that The One Ring has yet to explore, including not only Wilderland, Eriador and Rohan, but Gondor and Mordor too! Also included is a 32 page supplement detailing sea travel, the ruins of Middle-Earth, and expanded examples for travel hazards. As is the custom with all Cubicle 7 pre-orders, we can provide you with a PDF copy of the supplement upon payment of your pre-order, some weeks before hardcopy release!

HorseLordsOfRohanWe are also still accepting pre-orders for Horse-Lords of Rohan, for The One Ring. Rules for combat on horseback, plus details about Isengard and Fangorn! Your $39.99 in-store pre-order will entitle you to an immediate email containing the complete PDF of the book as you await your hardcopy!



We’ve also got open pre-orders for these exciting titles:

TravellerWe’re also beginning to hear a bit of buzz about the new edition of the classic TRAVELLER game. The game is expected to release around April. $49.99





CallOfCthulhu7COVERFinally, we’re all still patiently awaiting the release of CALL OF CTHULHU 7th edition. Upon release, one lucky customer’s pre-order will be upgraded : they may select a copy of either Racepoint Publishing’s The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft or The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft by Leslie Klinger to take home with their new rulebook.


WINTER NIGHTS are coming…

VikingHelmetThis January and February a cold wind will blow.

The Northmen are invading Games and Stuff. That’s right, no Winter Luau in these cold days, for the Vikings have sacked and raided these once glad shores and left little joy for a beachside party.

So what does this foretell? Much wonder is in store for these frozen months.

  • BACKSTOCK RAGNAROK! Old things must be swept aside to prepare for new and shining plunder. The Backstock Ragnarok sale now comes. In a few days, be on the look out for deals not easy to imagine.
  • It does not require Heimdall’s keen sight to notice the missing tables that once graced our fair hall. Where three once sat, tables four now stand, soon to be gleaming with new games to be demo’d. In 2016 G&S boasts to teach and show off our favorite games, and this winter we will turn our efforts to those games that  celebrate the fury in our axes and the steel of our hearts. (Horned helmet not included.)
  • This month RPG Lab is spinning a saga of four brave souls. For eight whole weeks, pre-selected customers have formed a band of terrible might and are even now pitted against a coming darkness in an original Yggdrasil mini-campaign. George will be updating the website with stories forged with this amazing Viking themed role-playing game from Cubicle 7.
  • SAGA Miniatures Game – Even more blades G&S has cast into the bright blacksmith’s fire. New and  needful things are in the works to hurl our favorite Viking-themed skirmish miniature game into a new age of strife and legend.


  • Heimdall’s Gjallarhorn now brings the end. Are you listening? The Customer Appreciation Program as it was once know is coming to an end most final. While you can continue to earn and redeem coupons for a short time to come, the last day to redeem coupons falls on March 31st. But a new dawn will come, and from Ragnarok’s blood and ashes a whole new system of renown will rise. More lore to come later, but in the meantime know that every purchase you make will continue to earn you “credit” in the new system.

An open letter to former customers of Dropzone Games

Hello former Dropzone Customers,
I’m Paul, the Director of Retail Operations at Games and Stuff. I’m sure at this point, I’ve met quite a few of you over the years.

On behalf of the entire Games and Stuff staff, I’d like to say “welcome.” We know that you’ve lost your place to play, and we want you all to know that you have a home here.

There has been some talk that I’d like to address directly. There seems to be a false impression among certain folks that the miniatures community at Games and Stuff is treated like “second class citizens,” when in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have an employee, Patrick, who is solely dedicated to our various miniatures lines. In his role as Miniatures Game and Hobby Specialist, he has been instrumental in giving G&S one of the most diverse selections of miniatures games and hobby materials seen anywhere. In addition to Patrick, many of our part- and full-time employees have rich histories with miniatures games in both a professional and enthusiast capacity.

Over the years we know that there have been some personality conflicts between certain communities, but at Games and Stuff, we are decidedly community-first, and we go out of our way not to engage in any sort of drama. Does it mean that we will always have space available for your pick-up game of Warmachine? No. But it’s just as likely that a pick-up game of Magic will be fighting for space due to an Infinity tournament.

To put this idea of minis players being “second class customers” to rest, I’m going to provide you with some data.  Take a look at this graph:


These lines represent the four main categories of product sold at G&S over the past calendar year. While there are seasonal spikes in Magic sales coinciding with the four times a year set releases, look closely at the miniatures sales. They are often in line with, and frequently more than Magic sales.  Indeed, year-to-date, we have made more money from miniatures games and related supplies than from Magic. It’s literally the most important part of our business. If we were treating minis gamers as second-class, we’d be pretty stupid. We haven’t been in business for 16 years by being stupid.

Part of the reason we’ve been so successful with miniatures games over the years is because we are very conscientious about bringing in new lines. Certain stores have built their businesses on the idea of “flavor of the week” minis games. We think that’s disingenuous and simply not very cool to bring in a new minis game, hype the crap out of it, and then put it all on clearance two months later and stop carrying it. We want to build a community, slowly if need be, and support each line with the love it deserves. That being said, we carry a lot of miniatures lines, fifteen at last count, which doesn’t even include stuff like the Reaper minis line or pre-painted stuff like X-Wing.

So, no, we won’t carry a brand new miniatures line just because you ask. (Kings of War, I’m looking at you.) But if the requests hit a certain critical mass, and there’s a couple of regulars playing it once with some frequency, then sure! We’ll bring it in! It’s an ongoing equation, and space is often a consideration.

It’s also worth noting as always, we will happily special order you just about anything, and furthermore, have most of it in less than a week.

So don’t believe the fairy tales that certain folks are trying to spin. Minis games are our bread and butter here at G&S. Dropzone refugees are welcome here. Come and play.

Paul Butler, Director of Retail Operations

Patrick Weaver, Miniatures Game and Hobby Specialist

Jeff Hall, Marketing and Event Manager