From the Forge: The Age of Sigmar is Upon Us!

If you are a miniature gamer, then I am sure you have heard about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar by now. I am sure you have also heard about the internet rage surrounding the game.

Yes, it is very different from Warhammer. Yes, the world is no longer there and armies are likely to change in the future. Yes, the rules are really 4 pages long.

To all of those things I say GOOD! Warhammer Fantasy has been one of my favorite miniature games for a long time. BUT it has flaws. The big units with maneuvers, wheeling, etc. doesn’t always work as it should. So many games have situations come up that just don’t make sense. The huge cost to get into the game was also very hard for anyone new.

So GW finally did something drastic and didn’t simply make a new edition of the same game as they had 8 other times. And of course all the people who have bemoaned the same old same old time and again went nuts and cried foul. But enough about all that, let’s talk about the new game.

The Rules
The four page rules are very interesting. Similar to a game like Magic: the Gathering, the framework is in the four pages and establishes the basics of how things work. It is the Warscrolls for all the units where the depth and detail comes into play. Each scroll gives the units special rules, magic, command abilities, and more. It is through these Warscrolls that the real richness comes into play for the game. There are many intricacies there with combos, supporting abilities, and much more. It really feels like everything has a place in the game again, not just certain units that were the mainstays for each army.

Now there is an area that is causing a great deal of valid concern with the new rules – balance. By not having points or other balancing factors, it does make pick up games hard. Not everyone is going to have a group that can agree on a fun, narrative scenario and forces. I think this is a very valid area of concern. So luckily, the community has stepped in and made what seems to be a pretty viable solution!


There are some modifiers there (like War Machines and Monsters then x2 their points) and with those calculations you have a usable point system that seems to be pretty spot on for 90% of the units. I have personally done up some spreadsheets for a few armies so far calculating all their Warscroll points and I am pleased with what I am seeing.

So what about the actual game in play? Does it work? Well, yes, yes it does. The freedom of army building and taking the models you want coupled with better options for movement and terrain have given us a fun little game. There are way more options now for telling exciting, narrative stories for the armies. The Nine Realms that are the setting for the new game will give rules and options for different terrain and worlds to play on. The simplified movement will allow you to set up great tables with cool scenery without having to worry about moving a solid 6 inch block of troops around that was impossible to interact with terrain.

I can’t wait to see villages being sacked by Chaos Warriors and Beastmen with Stormcast Eternals and Dwarfs defending them and actually making use of the terrain!

See it in action
So if you want to get a first hand look at the game, I invite you to come down to the shop this weekend. The game releases on Saturday, July 11 (and will be on sale Friday at Midnight since we will be open!) and you will have a chance to have it in your hands then. All the rules and Warscrolls are currently up on the GW Website right now, FOR FREE. Just go HERE to get yours.

On Sunday, July 12th, I will be running games from noon until 5 PM to show off the system. These games will feature varied armies, cool scenery, and fun storylines. So come out and see it in action before passing judgement.

And remember – If you really don’t like it, no one has broken into your house and destroyed all of your 8th Edition (or prior) books. Well, at least I hope they haven’t. If they have, call the police!

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