Breaking Up – GW and FFG

As many have already heard, the Games Workshop licensing deal with Fantasy Flight Games has come to end. On February 27, 2017 no GW-themed products will be sold to distributors or direct from FFG any longer. Most of the stock at distribution has already begun to dry up. That means ridiculous secondary market prices and panic from people who have always wanted a particular game and haven’t bought it in the years it has been available.

Games and Stuff has stocked up and we can get you those games you always wanted! We have very good stock on TALISMAN (including expansions), FURY OF DRACULA, 40K RPGS, FORBIDDEN STARS, CONQUEST LCG, and WARHAMMER QUEST, and solid stock on many other titles.
We’re committed to selling these to you at regular price while supplies last! But that won’t be forever!

People are already starting to scramble for copies and some people are likely buying up stock just to try and gouge players later! All of our stock is AT MSRP! So if you are after a favorite game before it is gone, be sure to come by soon!


What games does this spell the end of? – Well here is a list:

• Black Crusade
• Blood Bowl: Team Manager
• Chaos in the Old World
• Chaos Marauders
• Dark Heresy
• Dark Heresy Second Edition
• Deathwatch
• Forbidden Stars
• Fury of Dracula
• Only War
• Relic
• Rogue Trader
• Space Hulk: Death Angel
• Talisman
• Warhammer: Diskwars
• Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
• Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
• Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
• Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
• All Fantasy Flight Supply products showing imagery licensed to Games Workshop


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