Tuesday Night Magic – The Schedule

February 16th – Added link to the event listing of Tribal Commander/EDH

Magic players, we’re spicing up Tuesdays at Games & Stuff! Check out what we have in store for the next seven months.

February – Aether Revolt Sealed

Some of you knew about this already, or at least expected it. The first week you participate, build a 40-card deck from 4 packs of Aether Revolt and 2 packs of Kaladesh. Each week, players open another booster pack and can make changes to their deck.

March – Inventors’ Fair, Multiplayer Constructed

It’s not too late to jump in!

Gather, artificers and deck-builders. Each week, participants will play two multiplayer games with Kaladesh Block Constructed decks (deck built exclusively with cards from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt). Each week will also have a theme announced in advance and after each game, players will vote (with the week’s theme in mind) for the player with the most inventive deck! Prizes will be awarded from week to week for winning games and receiving votes. Additional prize will be rewarded to the greatest inventor of the entire fair at the end of the month.

April – Tribal Commander/EDH

The goblins hate the elves, allies hate the Eldrazi, and everyone hates the slivers. Build a Commander/EDH deck with at least 33 cards of a single creature type and play two multiplayer games each week.

May – Amonkhet Sealed

For some, the sealed events of the prerelease aren’t enough! The month following the release of Amonkhet, we’re hosting a sealed league for the set. Week one, build a 40-card deck out of the contents of 6 boosters. Each following week, participants open an additional booster pack of Amonkhet and can make adjustments to their deck.

June – Conspiracy: Take the Crown Drafts

Make and break alliances while you take the throne of Paliano for yourself. Taking a break from leagues, each Tuesday this month will host an independent draft of Conspiracy: Take the Crown.

July – Archenemy: G&S Staff

Repair pre-Conspiracy friendships by joining together to beat up the Games & Stuff MTG Staff. We will be your archenemies; however, we are not purely evil. Participants can be rewarded extra points by their archenemy for displays of teamwork or more. Obviously, you earn points primarily through defeating us (unlikely) and will be mercifully rewarded some points for a close game.

August – Hour of Devastation Sealed

The end of the prerelease weekend shouldn’t be too devastating. The fun of Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet sealed continues through August with a league. Your first week, build a deck from the contents of 6 booster packs (4 Hour of Devastation, 2 Amonkhet). Every following week, players can add the contents of another booster to their deck.


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