Join us at Games and Stuff for International Tabletop Day 2017! The entire Game Room will be dedicated to board games, so bring your friends and spend the day pushing meeples, flipping cards and rolling dice.
This year promises to be bigger than ever, as we’re being sponsored by seven of your favorite board game publishers!

The Game Room will be stuffed with board games and board gamers all day long, plus we’ll be doing raffles every hour, and there’s a wide selection of special events, tournaments, and demos to keep you entertained!

Guest of Honor: Andy Looney!
First of all we’d like to extend a warm welcome to Andy Looney, creator of Fluxx, Pyramid Arcade and so much more! Andy will be here from noon to 6pm, playing Pyramid Arcade and showing off some as-yet-unpublished Fluxx prototypes!



$5 Board Game Tournaments!
We’ll be hosting three tournaments over the course of the day, all for only five bucks each. Every event will feature exclusive promos, exciting prizes, and maybe some special surprises! At Games and Stuff we value fun above all, so while we play to win, it’s mostly about fun!
In fact, the Mysterium and Fuse tournaments are co-operative!

11am: Mysterium tournament
2pm:  Fuse tournament
4pm: 7 Wonders Duel



Board Game Demos:
Throughout the day, we’ll be featuring all sorts of board game demos, of old favorites, modern classics and new stuff you may not have seen yet!
Our Special Featured Demo will be run by our friends Melissa and Bruce from NORTH STAR GAMES, who will be teaching Evolution starting at 11am. They might even bring along the new blue edition of Happy Salmon. Twelve-player Happy Salmon anyone?

We will also be getting some games of Blood Rage, Castle Panic, Masmorra Dungeons of Arcadia, and many other new favorites to the table. We also expect to have an early copy of Dice Forge from Asmodee and Libellud to check out!


Raffles Every Hour until 6pm:
We’ll be giving away piles of stuff, thanks to our wonderful partners at Asmodee, Fantasy Flight Games, Renegade Games, CMON, Fireside Games, North Star Games and Iello! Plus some goodies we’ve thrown in ourselves to sweeten the deal.
We’ll be giving away almost $3,000 worth of games, promos and expansions throughout the day.  New stuff every hour on the hour. You must be present to win.

Game Trade Media:
Our friends from Game Trade Media will be here live-streaming our event throughout the day!

Sure the weather is getting nice, but you have all summer to work on that tan. Don’t miss out on all the fun and free stuff!



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