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Deck of Many Things: Ed’s GAMA Trade Show Recap

Held every spring in Las Vegas, The GAMA Trade Show provides a forum for hobby-game publishers and distributors to show off new games to retail shops.  This was my seventh time attending GTS, and one of the most exciting for me – there’s only been a couple of times I’ve returned home with such excitement about upcoming releases.

For me, three games stood out (two games and an accessory, really): Super Dungeon Explore, which equals Gauntlet + Descent + Chibi; Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game, a pulp-adventure board game; and Iron Dice, which are dice made of iron.  There’s a ton of other stuff, too, but I’ll cover that after the major highlights.

SDE_ProductPageSuper Dungeon Explore continues in the one-player-versus-many structure of other dungeon-style games.  It’s even a fantasy-style game (yeah, I know it’s pretty obvious in the title).  The similarity largely stops there.  With its chibi-style visual design, it looks very different from any other fantasy board game on the market.  Game play is intuitive and fast, and is excellent salve for that dungeon-delving itch if you only have 60 – 90 minutes for a game.  Besides, who doesn’t want to bash cutesy kobolds?  If you’re intrigued, demo rules are available HERE.  We should have it in the shop in June or July.

FortuneNext, Flying Frog Productions (the makers of Last Night on Earth and A Touch of Evil) will have yet another hit with Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.  Set in the ‘30s with the world on the verge of war, Fortune and Glory casts the players as heroic adventurers (working with or against one another) traveling the globe to procure ancient artifacts to help bash (or melt) Nazi skulls.  The included Map of the World (also the game board) is beautiful, and the game’s illustrations are Flying Frog’s trademark artistically-altered photos.  Components include Mayan temples and an air ship, not to mention the expected, and expertly-sculpted, hero and villain figures.  Game play is fast, easy-to-learn, and fun, with dynamically-generated adventures to overcome and artifacts to plunder. Expect to see Fortune and Glory in August or September.

So, Iron Dice.  The concept is simple, maybe even seems boring.  Seeing them, though, will pique your interest: six-sided dice that come in nine different designs and eight beautiful colors.  “Designs” is really a weak word, though, so here’s a pic to do the Iron Dice a li’l more justice:



Still not convinced?  Come by the shop and toss around our samples: the clackety-clack will draw hobby gamers and back-alley gamblers alike from miles around.  Iron Dice should arrive at Games and Stuff in late April/early May.

We’re also bringing back some stuff you haven’t seen in a while (or, for some of you young’uns, maybe ever).  Crystal Caste’s Hybrid Dice Sets and Dwarven Stones are making a return, and we’ll also be stocking Player’s Choice card sleeves again.  Nostalgia played a part in us bringing in the Lost Worlds combat book game, an incredibly fun and engaging relic from hobby-game history.

For new items, minis players will appreciate Foam Corps Foam Storage Trays (custom designs available!).  Board/card game fans will be excited about Spielbox magazine (with a game expansion in every issue), the Food Fight Card Game (a card-drafting game involving the exploits of anthropomorphized, militaristic food), and the highly-desired expansion for the Ascension card game.  Wizkids games has an aggressive schedule this year, with Clix-based games for Lord of the Rings, Street Fighter and Halo (all compatible with Heroclix), and the brand-new Quarriors dice game (think a deck-building style game, but with dice).

There’s more, of course, but these are the games that struck me the most.  Want even more info?  Ask when you see me at the shop.  I’ll happily yammer on until you tap out.