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Catan Regional Championships!

Do you have what it takes to be the best Settler? Games and Stuff is hosting a Catan Regional Championship on April 8-9. We will have Preliminary games on Saturday, April 8. Cost is $25 per person. Those that advance to the Semis and Finals will play on Sunday, April 9th!

The Winner will get to play in the Catan North American Championship at Origins! Studio Catan will cover your badge, hotel, and some food while you are there (you just have to get there).

There will be a variety of prizes and cool things for those in the other rounds as well! Don’t miss your chance to play in this awesome event. Registration is now open on our website and in-store!

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Amonkhet Prerelease Registration and Box Preorders Available

Starting today, you can register for the Amonkhet prerelease events or preorder a booster box! Booster boxes are $109.99. Check out more details on those events and find online preregistration here! Preordering a booster box or signing up for the Path of the Archmage challenge are in-store exclusive. You can sign up for any event by coming into the store anytime before they each start on the 22nd or 23rd of April.

Tuesday Night Magic – The Schedule

February 16th – Added link to the event listing of Tribal Commander/EDH

Magic players, we’re spicing up Tuesdays at Games & Stuff! Check out what we have in store for the next seven months.

February – Aether Revolt Sealed

Some of you knew about this already, or at least expected it. The first week you participate, build a 40-card deck from 4 packs of Aether Revolt and 2 packs of Kaladesh. Each week, players open another booster pack and can make changes to their deck.

March – Inventors’ Fair, Multiplayer Constructed

It’s not too late to jump in!

Gather, artificers and deck-builders. Each week, participants will play two multiplayer games with Kaladesh Block Constructed decks (deck built exclusively with cards from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt). Each week will also have a theme announced in advance and after each game, players will vote (with the week’s theme in mind) for the player with the most inventive deck! Prizes will be awarded from week to week for winning games and receiving votes. Additional prize will be rewarded to the greatest inventor of the entire fair at the end of the month.

April – Tribal Commander/EDH

The goblins hate the elves, allies hate the Eldrazi, and everyone hates the slivers. Build a Commander/EDH deck with at least 33 cards of a single creature type and play two multiplayer games each week.

May – Amonkhet Sealed

For some, the sealed events of the prerelease aren’t enough! The month following the release of Amonkhet, we’re hosting a sealed league for the set. Week one, build a 40-card deck out of the contents of 6 boosters. Each following week, participants open an additional booster pack of Amonkhet and can make adjustments to their deck.

June – Conspiracy: Take the Crown Drafts

Make and break alliances while you take the throne of Paliano for yourself. Taking a break from leagues, each Tuesday this month will host an independent draft of Conspiracy: Take the Crown.

July – Archenemy: G&S Staff

Repair pre-Conspiracy friendships by joining together to beat up the Games & Stuff MTG Staff. We will be your archenemies; however, we are not purely evil. Participants can be rewarded extra points by their archenemy for displays of teamwork or more. Obviously, you earn points primarily through defeating us (unlikely) and will be mercifully rewarded some points for a close game.

August – Hour of Devastation Sealed

The end of the prerelease weekend shouldn’t be too devastating. The fun of Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet sealed continues through August with a league. Your first week, build a deck from the contents of 6 booster packs (4 Hour of Devastation, 2 Amonkhet). Every following week, players can add the contents of another booster to their deck.


Not Alone – One of Essen’s hottest games is in stock now!

Not Alone BoxOne of the games getting a ton of buzz out of Essen this past year was NOT ALONE. This game will have a full US Release in a few months, but we have it now! Here’s a description of the game:

NOT ALONE is an asymmetrical card game, in which one player (the Creature) plays against the rest (the Hunted).

If you play as one of the Hunted, you will explore Artemia using Place cards. By playing these and Survival cards, you try to avoid, confuse or distract the Creature until help arrives.

If you play as the Creature, you will stalk and pursue the shipwrecked survivors. By playing your Hunt cards and using the mysterious powers of Artemia, you try to wear down the Hunted and assimilate them to the planet forever.

NOT ALONE is a light immersive card game resting on guessing, hand management, and a pinch of deck-building.

Don’t miss your chance to grab a copy now of this great game!

HONSHU now available!

HonshuBoxIntlNow available at Games and Stuff!
Honshu! This hit game from last year at Essen is coming to the U.S. market later this year from Renegade Games. But we’ve got it now!
Thanks to our friends at Renegade, we’ve had a special shipment of the international version of Honshu arrive at our store.

This beautiful little card game is a fun and unique mix of trick-taking, tile-laying and city-building. For 2-5 players, and playable in about 30 minutes, Honshu is simple to learn but has surprising depth of play. Manipulating your turn order and paying close attention to your opponents’ goals are the key to victory.

Honshu is on the demo tables and now on sale at Games and Stuff!


COLT EXPRESS League coming on Tuesday nights in February!

ColtExpressBoxBoard Game League play returns to Games and Stuff!

Starting Tuesday February 7th at 6pm and every consecutive Tuesday throughout the month, we’ll be hosting a COLT EXPRESS Epic Heist League!

Here’s how it works. Every week, you’ll play two games against 2-5 fellow outlaws. For each game you play, you’ll receive “Prestige Points” based on your final standings. First place gets 6 points, second place gets 4, third gets 3, fourth gets 2, and fifth gets 1.

There’s a $5 entry fee each week, and every week we’ll be giving away a copy of the game! Every participant will also receive a special set of cursed loot tokens to add to their game.


At the end of four weeks, the overall winner will receive a special Colt Express deluxe playmat, and a 3D cardboard train station.
Second place finish will receive a train station.

Depending on overall turnout, we’ll also be awarding gift cards to top finishers.

UPDATE! Thanks to our friends at Asmodee Digital, each week we’ll be giving away a code for a free download of the Colt Express app!

NO EXPERIENCE is necessary! We’ll teach everyone how to play!

So get your 6-shooters loaded and ready for action! Yee haw!

Blood Bowl League Kicks Off!

The Blood Bowl League is almost ready for Kick Off!

Here’s a brief rundown of the League and what you need to know to get ready for action:

  • All teams will be placed into a division. From there, games will be scheduled for the season between all the teams.
  • Each week you will have one game to play against a scheduled opponent. You can play this game any time during the week and submit results. Games not played will count as losses for both players. Again, commitment means you are playing!
  • At the end of the regular season, teams will advance to the Playoffs if their record is sufficient.
  • Official Game Night is Thursday, but again you can play at anytime during the week to get your game in. Weeks will run Thursday to Thursday.
  • You are responsible for tracking your team skills, injuries, etc.

That’s the basic information on the League. We kick off Superbowl Week (Thursday, February 2, 2017) and the league will run for 8 regular season weeks followed by the Playoffs.

There is a $10 entry fee for the entirety of the League. This will go toward prizes.

Sign Up by sending your name, contact info, and Team Type (Dwarfs, Elves, etc) and Team Name to info@gamesandstuffonline.com


After three years, we have learned a lot about RPG.LAB and the folks that enjoy it. So, as with many actual RPGs, we are offering a “new edition” of the program.

RPG.LAB will continue to serve its purpose as an experience where GMs and experienced players can not only play the game, but ask questions about and discuss the actual rules of the game so that new, excellent games that otherwise lack supported organized play can get their day in the sun so as to potentially become new favorites for home or in-store playgroups.

Although RPG.LAB has been great in the past, after review, we’ve given the program a bit more structure with standardized session use and more scenario preparation. In addition, players will also be able to ask rules and story questions of the GM via email throughout the month. This will help maximize playtime so that we all get as much as possible out of the experience.

We will also be introducing a new registration fee of $20 (covers the cost of all four sessions for the month). This fee is to reinforce the importance of full participation throughout the month in hopes of reducing cancellations and disruptive absences. That being said, you get a bunch of stuff.

Here’s what you get:

-Four sessions. The first session will cover rules basics as well as character and party design. The three sessions after that will contain a full mini-arc campaign often written from scratch by the event’s organizer.

-Character sheets, cheat sheets, and player handouts.

-A quiet, private play area.


So please keep an eye out for our new flyers and announcements. This year’s RPG.LAB offerings are not to be missed.








It goes without saying that previous iterations of the Powered by the Apocalypse system is a favorite among RPG.LAB participants. Between Dungeon World and Monster of the Week, we’ve had a lot of fun. This time around we snatched up a copy of URBAN SHADOWS from Magpie Games and, as one would expect, we had a blast.

Although the book doesn’t come right out and say it, it implies an urban fantasy world that is ‘very similar to our own – only darker’, and by that I mean it is a paired down version of something that VERY closely resembles the territory covered in early World of Darkness material. Some of the art is even reminiscent of that old 90s period piece that made White Wolf an RPG juggernaut of that decade. That being said, it is not at all like the World of Darkness in a very important way – it is a single, two-hundred and ninety seven page book that gets to the point and focuses in on why we like playing monsters and why we like entangling these creatures of the night in all variety of intrigue and catastrophe.



Like the vast majority of Apocalypse Engine games, character generation is simplified by the selection of the playbook (called an archetype in Urban Shadows). In this case, the books are separated into four factions (I will talk more about this in the setting and mechanics subsections) and each has two or three types to choose from. The factions and playbooks are:

MORTALITY speaks for three archetypes – the Aware, the Hunter and the Veteran. This faction speaks for human affairs and interests and the three playbooks are for players for whom the supernatural is still something external.

NIGHT is the faction of those things that primarily go bump in the night. The Spectre, the Vamp, and the Wolf are the stock character types for most dark urban fantasy. These are monsters to be sure (If you want a more sympathetic treatment of these types of characters try the Apocalypse game Monsterhearts) and when playing them you will deal with their weaknesses and politics.

POWER is the faction of those mortals who dare to seize supernatural power and insight for themselves. The two archetypes are the Wizard and the Oracle.

WILD is the faction of the truly weird shit with experiences and desires far from mortal. The two archetypes are the Tainted (which is a human possessed by a demon or other sketchy supernatural being) or the Fae which might as well be space aliens insofar as their ability to seamlessly integrate into mortal culture and society.

Like all playbooks, these are checklists that make character generation extremely quick and easy to deal with lending to the one-shot or short notice readiness of Urban Shadows.

“Character generation was great. Fast. Easy. By the time we linked all the characters together we had a likeable cast of weirdoes.”

“Like other Apocalypse Engine games, the character creation is nice and easy.  The character description options are flavorful, the architypes are cool.”

“I don’t think I did a good job in playing the character I initially created (she was not very serene!) Having said that, I like the simplicity that created unique characters with reasons to interact.” 



In true Powered by the Apocalypse fashion, the setting for our game was cooperatively conceived. We decided on a fictional city situated in the real world. As the Master of Ceremonies, I decided I wanted to tell a moody story that didn’t necessarily put trenchcoat/katana at the fore. The characters (a degenerate Vamp, a disinherited Wolf, an ancient Tainted, and a very patient Aware) seemed pretty real and flawed and we wanted a world where their stories could be reasonably explored.

So Kingshore, Massachusetts came to be. Kingshore is a coastal resort city like Atlantic City, and like Atlantic City, it is in a state of terrible decline. It also enjoys the disdain of New England in general as it is considered a monstrous, neon horror that blights the provincial and idyllic route to Cape Cod and Nantucket. Off season, it is a gray and empty place where mobsters and monsters have made their moves since the late 19th century.

Behind the scenes, I gave interests and holdings to each of the four factions (making sure that PCs had a strong interest in these limited resources and opportunities) so that moving around the city would disturb these plans and create story and conflict. So once these drama traps were properly installed in four corners of the setting map, we were off to the races.

“The setting just sort of grew out of the cracks between the characters.”

“The setting really fit the feel of the game. An East Coast/New England, drizzly version of Sunnydale. I still have images from the game in my head.”



In quick summary, games that are Powered by the Apocalypse use a very easy 2d6 task resolution mechanic. You roll the 2d6 and add the relevant attribute bonus (generally between a -3 and a +3). Results of 6 or lower result in failure and the granting of an experience point or other benefit. Results of a 7-9 are successful but with a cost, consequences or plain old urgency. A score of 10 is usually a total success whereby the PC is given the opportunity to narrate his or her awesomeness as seen fit.

Beyond the basics, Urban Shadows also adds a political element that is invoked at the beginning of each game. Each PC has a relationship with each of the four factions represented by a simple modifier. That modifier can be tested or otherwise strained to determine further engagement with that faction.

Did you succeed fantastically when checking the Night faction? Then you enjoy the envied seat right next to the Vampire Prince at the very important council meeting later that evening. Did you fail horribly when consulting a roll with the Power faction? Then the sociopathic necromancer that once devoured the souls of your ancestors has discovered you at last.

“Very easy to grasp. Having played other versions of the Powered by the Apocalypse engine I had very few questions and play was easy.”

“Again, the simplicity allows for an easy back and forth where everyone can focus on their parts without being confused by mechanics.”



Although we probably could have leaned on some of the game specific systems a bit more than we did, we had a blast. The story got fairly complex and nuanced rather quickly. To be honest, I thought this was going to feel like really hand-waved and hollow experience of dated tropes and brooding clichés. It was anything but! In fact, I would say that the experience of this particular RPG lab was largely unsatisfying because, after three short sessions, we had to abandon the Kingshore despite there being so much more story to tell.

“George runs a great game. His take on horror helps a lot with this one.”

“I quite enjoyed Urban Shadows – perhaps the most of all the PotA games I’ve played so far.  I think I’ll be running some US sessions after the current game I’m playing in concludes.”


George is the full-time assistant manager here at Games & Stuff.  He is an obsessive collector of RPGs both common and obscure. It is likely that this habit will become the subject of a horror game sometime in the imminent future.

The Weekly Multiverse: October 20th, 2016

The Weekly Multiverse is weekly publication featuring all new related to Magic: the Gathering at Games & Stuff. If you have any questions not answered by this article or our event listings, please email Parker@gamesandstuffonline.com.

Kaladesh Game Days

Join us on the weekend of October 22 and 23 for Kaladesh Game days! We’re hosting two Standard events, one each day, exclusive opportunities to receive special promotional cards or a champion play mat!

Tuesday Sealed League: KALADESH!

Join us every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:00 for our Tuesday Night Sealed League! You can start any week of the month!

Uncharted Realms: A Grateful Consulate

The metal-mage Tezzeret intended to make an example of Pia Nalaar by facing her in a public contest. But the Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch, drawn to Kaladesh by Tezzeret’s presence here, interrupted the contest and freed Pia Nalaar from Consulate custody. But Tezzeret’s schemes are never straightforward, and even the public spectacle had another purpose—as Dovin Baan is learning now.cardart_KLD_Dramatic-Reversal


Friday Night Magic Cumulative Rankings

The current standings, just two weeks into the Kaladesh season, are here.

Every week, earn points equal to the number of packs you win and win the season to earn free entry to FNM for the duration of the Aether Revolt season!