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Things Obi-Wan Never Told Me – May the Fourth Be With You!

A post by Jeff Hall

Today is May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day as many now refer to it. I heard someone on the radio this morning say it was one of the silliest things he had heard of in a long time. That really bothered me on many levels. Star Wars is a full on cultural phenomenon at this point in history. For over 30 years, it has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people. It is one of the largest grossing properties out there, and practically everyone in the country knows what you are talking about when you mention it. How is that silly?
In a time when geek culture has reached a level of mainstream, something like Star Wars (which is already mainstream) is an even better way to bring people together.

But enough about that – it’s Star Wars Day! This year has more and more Star Wars than most of us know what to do with! Besides Episode 7 coming out in December, there are more new comics, novels, games, and other amazing tie-ins slated for release.

Gamers have a wealth of products available to them making this a golden age for Star Wars gaming. X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Star Wars LCG, multiple Star Wars RPGs, and so much more lining the shelves of the store have everyone spoiled for choice. And the truly remarkable thing about all those products – they are all fantastic. There are no easy throw away licensed products there. Everything that FFG has put out is incredibly well done and fun to play.

So on this May the Fourth, grab your favorite game set in a galaxy far, far away and have a blast with your friends. Gaming is like the force – It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

Things Obi-Wan Never Told Me: Episode 2

Anyone who comes to Games and Stuff for one of its X-Wing nights and runs into me will happily tell you: I’ve got a thing for TIE Interceptors.

It is easily one of my two favorite symbols of the Empire – the other being the Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer. But I’ll talk about that after that expansion for Armada has been released.

Why? There’s a story to it, but we’ll start with appearances. And you have to admit, it looks cool! The pointy, forward-facing solar arrays look nicely menacing, the narrow profile from any angle makes it a hard target, and you can easily spot those four laser cannon on the arrays are visible and add to the dangerous look. The Rebel nickname – “squint” – nicely alludes to Clint Eastwood’s most famous character, the Man with No Name, whose trademark squint was nearly always a precursor to some quick and deadly violence. Quick and deadly…like this starfighter.

But it’s not just the associated symbols or looks of the Starfighter that make me so crazy about it. No, my love for this craft is something that evolved over time. I first saw the Interceptor in The Return of the Jedi, like everyone else, during the movie marathon that really got me started on my fandom journey. I would encounter them many times as my new friends and I ran through huge campaign of West End’s Star Wars RPG. It was my experiences with the X-Wing versus TIE Fighter [http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_X-Wing_vs._TIE_Fighter] game that really got me interested. We’d play head-to-head in our dorm, and the others would select much tougher ships – X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Advanced, TIE Defender… but I didn’t find those ships fun to fly. I cycled through ship after ship, looking for one that seemed challenging but not as reliant on shields or missiles to survive. And ultimately I settled with the Interceptor. Fast, well-armed, and seemingly capable of dodging around laser blasts, I enjoyed flying it. I died in our sessions. A lot. But I kept at it. And my friends continued to clean my clock.

Later that year, I went to Gen Con – I think it was 2001. Some guy had set up a large number of desktops – I think it was 16 or 24 of them – in one hall, and was charging something like $20 for 30 minutes of game time. And on one day, the game of the day was X-Wing versus TIE Fighter. I happened to wander by, looking for a game as one set finished. I paid the man the money, and grabbed a seat. I looked at the gamer tag already assigned to the computer, shrugged, and let it fly as it was. Other folks were sitting down, and I could see what they were selecting as their ship for a sixteen-way free-for-all.  X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Defenders, and TIE Advanced. All the stuff my buddies flew.

I waffled for a moment – there was going to be a lot of ships to fight – then chose the Interceptor anyway. After a few moments, consternation could be heard at some of the other player stations. “Who’s the idiot with the Interceptor?” was one of the more distinctive comments. I chose not to reveal myself.

Then the battle started. With no missiles and no shields, I knew I was at a massive disadvantage in the initial moments, so I simply ran away and refused to engage for the first thirty seconds. I instead circled away and looked for a vulnerable target. I quickly spotted two X-Wings in a joust, picked the less hurt one, and roared in. He died without even knowing he was in trouble. His opponent only had a few seconds to realize what was going on – and by then I was behind him and blew him out of the sky as well. I then started just racing through the furball, juking like crazy to make myself a hard target, picking up vulnerable targets, blasting them apart, and then racing away. I died a few times. Missiles, torpedoes, laser blasts all claimed my fragile craft. But my kill-count was excellent. I was easily getting three to four kills per death. Sure, it’s not USAF awesome, but good for a game! And after about ten minutes the consternation was back amongst the other players.
Confused and perplexed: “Dear God, killed by the Interceptor again!”
Incredulous: “Where the **** did that Interceptor come from?!”
In pursuit: “Why can’t I hit this **** Interceptor?!”
Just killed…again: “******** ******* Interceptor *****!”
You get the idea.

I ended the 30 minutes with top kills and fewest deaths. By a large margin. The invective from and attitude of some of the other players made me decide to not volunteer that I had been the Interceptor pilot, and I sauntered off with a highly satisfying win.
As a final note, my love for the lethal Interceptor also led to me finding my favorite Legacy character: Baron Soontir Fel[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Soontir_Fel], the Imperial equivalent to Wedge Antilles. But I’ll leave that to a future article.
So should you ever drop by Games and Stuff on our Wednesday night X-Wing events, you should find me easy to find. Odds are I’ll be the fool flying nothing but Interceptors.

Philip Lyons

Things Obi-Wan Never Told Me… Episode 1

Open Crawl Ep 1

Hi! I’m Philip Lyons, Games and Stuff’s Floor Captain, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Tournament Organizer, and Star Wars nerd. I am not alone in that final designation here; nearly every staff member here loves their Star Wars.

I was not always a Star Wars nerd. I first saw Star Wars in college. I had briefly stumbled over it in the past, but somehow it had never gotten proper scrutiny before then. But by the time I had graduated, I was hooked – several movie marathons and a forty two adventure RPG campaign solidly behind me, and a steadily accumulating stack of Star Wars novels to my name. And my interest has never waned. Even those three… films… in the early 2000’s were unable to shake my interest.

It’s a good time to be a Star Wars nerd. There are new movies coming out (Please don’t suck!), there’s a new TV series (Star Wars: Rebels!), and, as previously mentioned, there are multiple awesome Star Wars universe games either in print, or soon to be in print. And we’re super excited about all of it.

The primary aim of this column is to talk about current events in all these games. The upcoming release of Armada and Force and Destiny will both surely rate an article. So will the Imperial Raider
for the X-Wing Miniatures Game. I also intend to talk about the X-Wing tournament scene, and other staff members will chime in with their two credit’s worth as well on Star Wars topics of their choice.

But you will undoubtedly see a few non-game articles as well. Just as the Force surrounds us and binds us, so too does its story bind all the different elements together. Each element of the Star Wars universe informs and helps shape the others. At this point, inspiration from one place can show up in another. For example, a bounty hunter from Edge of the Empire’s Under a Black Sun adventure has become a pilot in the X-Wing Miniature Game’s Scum And Villainy release. And, being a historian as well, I might even wax nostalgic about some older Star wars games.

The Force is with us, fellow Star Wars nerds. Let the gaming continue to be awesome.


Fantasy Flight Games – Store Championships 2015

Games and Stuff is proud to once again host Store Championship events for the following FFG Games in 2015:

  • Game of Thrones LCG – January 10, 2015
  • Call of Cthulhu LCG – January 11, 2015
  • Android Netrunner LCG – January 31, 2015
  • Star Wars X-Wing – February 7, 2015
  • Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG – February 28, 2015
  • Star Wars LCG – March 14, 2015

Each of these events will feature top notch competition for their respective game system and at the end the best of the best will be crowned Store Champion for that system. Prizes will be on hand for each game and are shown below. Each event with full details will be posted in the next day or so to the event calendar with all the relevant details. But mark your calendars now to be a part of this awesome time!

ADN_2015_storechamp_productlayout CT-product-layout GOT-2015-storechamp-layout SWC-2015-storechamp-layout SWX-2015-storechamp-layout WHK_2015_storechamp_productlayout