Announcing a new Artist Series Playmat!

Announcing a New Artist Series Playmat by Jon Hodgson
Games and Stuff is pleased to announce the next item in our Artist Series! Conceived to showcase original designs from some of our favorite artists from gaming and beyond, the fall 2019 piece is this stunning playmat from none other than Jon Hodgson!

This standard sized (14” x 24”) playmat features a black stitched border and is the first piece to feature the Games and Stuff 20th Anniversary logo which will be on a great many more items as we head into the new year. We’re opening up pre-orders right now! Price is $19.99 + tax for in-store pickup or you can have it shipped to a US address for $7 more. We expect to have them available by the end of the month. You can pre-order online HERE.

About John Hodgson
Jon Hodgson is an artist from Scotland UK. Known for his work on The One Ring 1st edition, Warhammer Historical, Glorantha, Dungeons and Dragons 3e, 4e, and 5e, WFRP 1st, 2nd and 4th Editions.
He is recognized for his earthy palettes, and moody paintings with one foot in historical and real-world-mythical research.
As well as making art for games, maps for his patrons at, he also writes and designs games, and runs Handiwork Games: Handiwork Games are currently making an exciting mythic 5e setting called Beowulf.