Announcing RPG.Lab

rpg lab sidebarRPG Lab is a new, in-store opportunity to experiment with Role Playing Games you might not have otherwise had a chance to experience. Most of us have dozens and dozens of RPGs that we’ve only read and never had a chance to put on the table. It’s likely that we all have had the familiar experience of resorting to old standbys because we don’t want to sit through an extensive teaching of a new system, convince our players to buy and read a big fat rulebook, and then try to schedule play sessions on top of our usual playgroup’s sessions.

Enter Games & Stuff’s new RPG LAB!

The main goal of this new in-store play program is to expose experienced* role-players and game masters to games they haven’t had a chance to play.  Games will range from the traditional to the strange and, ideally, we’ll have a bunch of fun on the way.  It will take place every Tuesday at 6pm, with a different game each month.


The intention with this program is to provide a sort of workshop environment in which the players and game master can explore all the bells and whistles of the month’s featured game. We’ll spend the first session discussing the game, going over rules, and in most cases, making characters. For the rest of that month, we’ll engage in actual play and see if this is a game we like enough to try out with our regular playgroups.

Seasons & Sign-Ups

Every three months or so, we will announce a three month season of RPG LAB. Each month will feature a single game of which there will be four to five sessions (depending on the number of Tuesdays in the month).

Once announced (and Season One is listed below) interested folks can contact the organizer to reserve their spot for their game of choice.  Players will be expected to commit for the full month.  Anyone who wishes to apply for multiple games within a season should submit their requests with the games ranked by order of interest.  Generally speaking, a player will only be allowed to participate in one game per season, but if your preferred game fills up, or space opens up for a secondary game, you will be put on a waiting list. Each month there will be four available slots so it’s better to sign up sooner than later. The games WILL fill up, and in some cases, very quickly.

So without further ado, here’s Season One!  If you would like to reserve a slot for one or more games the inaugural season of RPG Lab, email us at:

RPG Lab Season One




*This program is not for beginners. While obviously, no experience with the specific game is required, it is assumed that anyone participating in this program is familiar with more than a couple RPGs, understands intermediate RPG terminology, and is comfortable role-playing with an engaged group. Games & Stuff offers a number of opportunities for brand new and otherwise inexperienced players to get involved in the RPG hobby. RPG Lab is not that program.2014