Song of Ice and Fire Miniature Game

The forces of Westeros gather for the War of the Kings! Who will claim the Iron Throne?

The new Song of Ice and Fire Miniature Game has arrived from CMON and it is fantastic! We have a small number of Kickstarter Editions left (and all our copies were Kickstarter edition, it is just selling quickly) so you can get an insane amount of goodies for this game right as you start out!

We will be starting an ongoing game night for this on October 4th and that will run each week. Prepare your forces and get ready for battle!

Kill Teams League

Warhammer 40K Kill Teams is amazingly popular right now and we are running a great League on Thursday nights for this! Each week bring your Kill Team and battle it out!

Bring a Matched Play Kill Team of 100 pts and then it will gain skills and upgrades as it progresses through the League.

League runs until September 20th.

X-Wing 2.0 Launch Event

X-Wing 2nd Edition is just over a week away! Thursday, September 13th will be the day the attack commences with X-Wings, TIE Fighters and more all battling it out in a whole new edition!

We are going to celebrate this in a big way! First, it’s Thor’s Day so we are open until Midnight for all your gaming fun! We’ll have tons of 2.0 Core Sets, Conversion Kits and more on sale that day to outfit everything you need for the new edition. All Core sets purchased will include a new EXCLUSIVE DAMAGE DECK!

When evening rolls around, we are running a great 3 round event to test out your new pilot skills. We will have cool new promo cards for participants as well!

If that wasn’t enough, it will be the perfect time to trade cards and dials if you have extras in your conversion kits with others to customize your fleet!

So prepare now for the biggest thing in a galaxy far, far away!

Summer WKO is coming!

The Summer Wizkids Open is coming on July 21st! This Heroclix Regional Qualifier is a Sealed event and there will also be Battle Royals!

This a sealed event. It is $30 per person. We will strive to use the newest boosters available at the time (stock permitting).

Along with the Sealed Summer WKO, Games and Stuff will also be doing Battle Royals.  The prizes for the Battle Royals will be two fold.  At the end of each Battle Royal we will putting one of the Spring WKO Prizes in the pool (Death’s Head, Mandarin or War Machine: as long as supplies last) and all players will get a raffle ticket (more on that in a little bit).

Each Round that players go in the WKO they will also get a Raffle ticket.  At the end of the Swiss tournament (before the Cut to Top 8) we will pull one ticket and that person will get a Lockjaw Exclusive(the top prize from the Spring WKO).

Register Today HERE!


A New Age Dawns for the Mortal Realms!

Second Edition Age of Sigmar is upon us! Launching June 30th, this new edition is amazing! There has never been a better time to get into AOS!

Starting on July 12 (Thor’s Day) and running through August 9 (Thor’s Day) we will have weekly games across the Mortal Realms!
Week 1 and 2 – 750 pts
Week 3 – 1000 pts
Week 4 – 1250 pts
Week 5 – 1500 pts

It is a one time $10 fee for the League and you can play games whenever you can. We will try and always have something fun set-up each Thursday for a Special Game or two!

New WizKids Unpainted Minis!

Tons of new WIZKIDS UNPAINTED MINIS have arrived for D&D and Pathfinder! Over 40 new releases including awesome things like Tiefling and Dragonborn characters. Plus iconic monsters like the Beholder, Umber Hulk, and Drow!