This week’s batch of goodness from Games Workshop includes, for AGE OF SIGMAR, the Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Allopex and Akhelian Guard; for WARHAMMER 40,000 the next Black library novel Wolfsbane: The Wyrd Spear Cast, and latest audiobook Blackshields: The Red Fief!

Just IN!!   LUCIDITY Six-Sided Nightmares and LETTERGO!

Just In!!  HEROCLIX Avenger Infinity, The HEROCLIX Infinity Watch Dice and Token Pack and HEROCLIX Avenger Infinity Fast Forces.

New this week for WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR  is the Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Leviadon, and for WARHAMMER 40,000 we have Deathwatch Codex and Datacards!

New from Games Workshop this week are the following: For NECROMUNDA we have the Gang War 3 book, the Van Saar Gang boxed set, the Van Saar Gang Cards and the VS Dice set; for WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR we have more Idoneth Deepkin—the Isharann…