New PATHFINDER and STARFINDER Releases are Here!!!

New this morning for STARFINDER are  Part 1 of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path: The Diaspora Strain, and the Hospital flip-mat!

Out for PATHFINDER are Part 4 of the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, the Martial Arts Handbook, the Construct Handbook, and the Warehouse and the Docks flip-mats!!!

New BATMAN Miniature Sets are Here!!!

Just in today are a ton of new sets for the BATMAN MINIATURES GAME!!! We have the first three of the Bat Box sets – Suicide Squad, The Joker: Clown’s Party, and the Riddler: Quizmasters, along with the 80th Anniversary Batman figure, and a ton of blisters in resin for second edition!

New FLAMES OF WAR Sets Are Here!!!

New today for FLAMES OF WAR are the German Marder 7.62cm Tank Hunter Platoon, SD KFZ 221 & @@@ Light Scout Troop, and SD KFZ 231 Heavy Scout Troop sets. And, for the Soviets are the DSHK AA MG Platoon, BA-10 Armoured Car Platoon, and the Katyusha Guards Rocket Launcher Battery sets.