New Role Playing Game—WURM—is Here!!!

New today we have the WURM RPG; play as a prehistoric man or woman in the last great ice age thirty five thousand years ago…
Also in are the WURM GM Screen, the Voices of the Ancestors Adventure books 1 and 2: Tales of the Antler Bearers and Tales of the Man Eaters, and the Black Machairodus Special Adventure book!!!

New STAR TREK Deep Cuts Miniatures are Here!!!

New today are the following STAR TREK Deep Cuts Miniatures (supplied unpainted): the Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser and Attack Ship, the Cardassian Galor and Keldan class ships, the Klingon Vor’cha class cruiser, the Federation NX, Miranda, and Exclesior class ships, the Ferengi D’Kora class ship, and the Romulan Valdore class ship!!!