Baltimore Brawl

  • November 11, 2017
    10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Dire States

The Baltimore Brawl is Maryland’s premier Infinity tournament and one of the biggest on the East Coast. We have applied to be an ITS Satellite Tournament (we were one of 4 in the US last year).

Electronic list submission will be required. A link to the ITS event page will be added once we get an ITS code from a new kit.


Please complete this form:

Format: 300 point Classic ITS9, Special Operations or Joint Operations, assuming those categories exist when the document comes out. We’ll see in a week!

Rounds: 4; last year included the following:
Seize the Antennae
Antenna Field
Capture and Protect

The event starts at 10:00 and we’ll be opening an hour earlier, 9:00 am, to take day-of registrations.

Prize Support

Lots of product from our sponsors!
There will be prizes for first, second, and third place, for best painted, and for the top two guys from the winning state.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Everyone will get a raffle ticket with their entry fee. The first ten preregistrants will get two extra for a total of three tickets each. The next 15 will get one extra for a total of two tickets each.

Sponsors (thank you!) 

Swift Brush Studios
Black Maria Designs

Dire States Competition

As well as fighting for yourself, if you come you will be representing your home state. Each state will be ranked according to the combined score of its top 2 players. I am hoping to have a trophy that will be engraved with the name of the winning state.

Interstate Challenges

I will be encouraging interstate challenges for the first round, and setting up non-prearranged matchups to avoid people playing others from their state in the first couple rounds.

Dire States Fun

In order to extend the fun and because the logistics require some of it, there will also be open Infinity gaming on Friday evening on some of the tables that we will be using on Saturday (I will setting up as much as possible on Friday night). There will also be duckpin bowling (if you’re not from MD, don’t look it up beforehand – the surprise will be more fun!) after the tournament for those who want to keep hanging out.

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