Dino-Sized Ixalan Draft

  • October 28, 2017
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Exclusively through the Ixalan Dino-Sized 4-pack draft, in addition to booster pack prizes, win a sweet promotional poster featuring Vraska, Huatli, and other characters from the story! (Information to come regarding exactly how to get your hands on one of these for yourself!)

Registration 12:30-1:00 PM
Start time: 1:00 PM
Entry: $20

Get 50% off you entry by providing three packs of Ixalan.

After three rounds, win booster packs based on your final record. (wins-losses-draws)

3-0-0: 6 Booster Packs
2-0-1: 4 Booster Packs
2-1-0: 2 Booster Packs
1-0-2: 1 Booster Pack
1-1-1: 1 Booster Pack

Questions? Email parker@gamesandstuffonline.com

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