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At Games and Stuff, role-playing games are near and dear to our hearts. Although many of us have ended up being board game aficionados or card players, most of the staff started with RPGs. This is why out RPG section is as deep and as wide as it gets. From the best known RPGs from the biggest publishers, to cool little art house games you probably didn’t even know existed, if there is any chance you are a Role-Player at heart, we have the experience for you. Classic AD&D modules? Piles and piles of dice? We’ve got those too.

Every week, join us for our weekly game night to meet with a play others!

  • RPG.Lab, Tuesdays @ 6:30PM
  • Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League, Wednesdays @ 6PM
  • Role-Playing Game Night, Thursdays @ 6PM

Don’t see your favorite role-playing game here? Shoot an email to to set something up!

The New Lab

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RPG.Lab Report – Urban Shadows

It goes without saying that previous iterations of the Powered by the Apocalypse system is a favorite among RPG.LAB participants.
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RPG.Lab Report – Shadow of the Demon Lord

I first heard about this game at a trade show when a friend brought it up and, upon detecting my
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